TrueLove (3)This month Riverview is on a journey through the book of 1 John as God is calling us to a deeper love for Him and others.

The final steps are in process, but did you know that Riverview agreed to give $1,000,000 to our school (GAA) for worthy student aid?!!! The money is a gift to the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Greene County from AHS after the loss of Takoma. We hope and pray that that this money will be put to good use in making an Adventist Education more affordable for more families!


Do you recognize this guy? (Nice to see a familiar face even if it is with a different logo!)



A special thank you to the whole church family for the AMAZING baby shower! (These pictures do not do it justice.)

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Don’t miss Men’s Prayer Breakfast the 2nd Sunday morning of every month!


We are so proud of our Pathfinder Bible Bowl Team led by Erika Santos and Kirstin Elliott. They reached the Semi-Finals and as we saw at prayer meeting, they know their Bibles!
What a blessing to have EW Dempsey join us for presentations on the importance of healthy living. We had a great afternoon turnout!

Sy Gallimore has been serving the past few months as a student missionary in Pohnpei. Check out this mission project he created:

We are so proud of Braden Ball!29572815_10102141363782186_8727406988686973519_n


Screenshot (68).pngFebruary was a busy month down by the riverside. Full of highs and lows. But most of all full of God’s continuous grace! We are starting March with a sermon series exploring the gap between God’s promises and our current reality. We are discovering faith through the life of Abraham.

Just a few of the resources I have been deeply blessed to use in studying the life of Abraham during my sermon preparation time.

A very special thank you to everyone who was involved with the creation seminar. What a blessing! A tremendous success for the kingdom. We had over 50 guests from the community on opening night. One of these guests, Roger Coutant was recently baptized with his wife into the Greeneville SDA Church. Another, Patty Mcclure is preparing for baptism at Riverview on March 10. Praise the Lord! Even for those not making that decision, it was most certainly a blessing. What a privilege to serve a loving Creator!

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Enjoyed having a Bible study with this group preparing for baptism. 

Our party watching the Superbowl was a blast! As you can see, there was more to do than just watch the game.

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Loved having a chance to watch my wife teach beginner’s Sabbath School. Proud of all our beginner class kids, parents, and teachers!

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Prayer meeting is always such a blessing! Join us this next Wednesday at 5:30 as we journey to wholeness with step 7 of the 12 steps.



Screenshot (63)Message: This Thursday & Friday 6-7 PM and on Sabbath 11-12:30 AM.
Such a blessing last year, this year’s Riverview Revival promises to be a tremendous blessing. Sing songs together and hear personal testimonies about God at work!

Things Happening: If there is one event this year that we hope you will invite your friends to visit, it’s this one! This evangelistic series will hope to bless skeptics and seekers alike by strengthening our commitment to the Word of God. The meetings will be Feb. 9, 10, 11, 12, 15, 16, 17 at 7pm each night. To reserve seats and find more information look up the event website at See you there!Screenshot (64)

Our Wednesday prayer meetings continue to bless us as we review a 12 step journey to wholeness. Join us this Wednesday at 5:30pm for food and fellowship followed by prayer and a study of step #4.

Having GAA Band and our Pathfinder club visit us the past two Sabbaths has been great. We are so proud of our young people and encouraged by seeing them use their talents in music, drama, and the spoken Word for God!

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Our Cardboard Boat Race was awesome!!!

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Here is a dedicated group that showed up at 9am on Sunday morning to move our grand piano. Riverview happily donated our grand piano to Greeneville Adventist Academy. We hope it blesses their music program!
I wish you could have seen the energy in this back row singing the closing hymn. 
Had a chance to visit these two. Notice the creative sign!
Ansel’s birthday party was fun for all!
I love my wife! Baby boy due in May.


December 15-28

screenshot-60.pngMessage: Luke 3:1-18 paints a stunning picture of what it is like to prepare the way of the Lord. One poor man in the wilderness up against the mighty, the powerful, and the religious elite. But when you are proclaiming the Word of God, you can stand against any opposition and free your hearers from any oppressor. Join us this Sabbath as we conclude our theme for the month, “Prepare the way of the Lord.”

Things Happening: A big thank you to everyone who participated in our church Christmas program on Sabbath. What a blessing!IMG_1452

Friends step in for each other, even at the last minute!

Can you name everyone in this photograph?20171217_180909

Youth night was fun!

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Christmas is best through the eyes of a child!20171223_14183420171224_15242520171225_162211

December 8-14

wise-menMessage: Have you ever wondered why church communities place such a high priority on a church worship service? It’s because worship prepares the way for the Lord. What kind of worship? Join us this Sabbath as wise men from the east prepare the way of the Lord.

Things Happening: Sabbath School is a special time down by the riverside and it is about to get even more special in the year ahead! Stay posted for new Sabbath School happenings beginning in January.

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Personal: Did you enjoy the snow this past weekend? We sure did!

December 8

Prepare-The-Way-Of-Lord-Advent-SundayMessage: What does it mean to prepare the way of the Lord? Last week we looked at Isaiah 40 and found that it means to use our voices in proclaiming the grace of God. This week, we’ll learn a new answer to that question based on Luke 1. It’s a great time of year to join us down by the riverside. See you this Sabbath at 11am.

Things Happening: With thanksgiving programs, constituency meetings, and other happenings it has been a busy time at our school. Two highlights for me have been giving morning worship for the school with my family and hearing our band play (which they also did in the parade!)Resized_20171113_08351220171121_114426I also had a chance to visit our kids in the pathfinder club!20171107_181759 Mops has moving forward. Please continue to invite any mom you know with small children who might benefit from social support.

Went for a family bike ride to Shanda Brown‘s house! (It was bright and cold!)20171113_125214_HDR

November 11-16

mirror.jpgMessage: Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror? I’ll bet you have. In fact, I bet you do it regularly. We tend to analyze ourselves a lot, and not just physically. Sometimes we can be rough on ourselves and we have low self-esteem. Other times we can esteem ourselves too highly. But what if the secret to joy and happiness isn’t thinking more of ourselves or less of ourselves but simply thinking about ourselves less. Join us this Saturday morning at 11am as we continue our series on the self with the title, Self:Forgetfulness.

Things Happening: If you missed our Fall Festival party at the Roth Ranch you missed one humdinger of a time! A big thank you to Art  & Diana Roth, Trish Boyce, and Chris Small for putting together such a fabulous gathering. I know our family created more than a few memories we will cherish for a long time!

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Also this week I had a chance to visit Greeneville Adventist Academy and was blessed to see one of our very own win the sword drill and demonstrate her great reading ability in reading to the student body. 20171113_082709_1510579649476Also, speaking of Greeneville Adventist Academy, it was a blessing to have the cherub & junior choirs join us on Sabbath!20171111_111702Sabbath afternoon we were part of an impromptu gathering at the Svendson home. My props to the cook who created so much good food, out of nowhere, almost instantaneously.

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Personal: Anna and I enjoyed a date night out wearing clothes we got from goodwill!20171111_191713We also got a chance to bike from our house all the way to Nita Dornburg’s home.