Screenshot (63)Message: This Thursday & Friday 6-7 PM and on Sabbath 11-12:30 AM.
Such a blessing last year, this year’s Riverview Revival promises to be a tremendous blessing. Sing songs together and hear personal testimonies about God at work!

Things Happening: If there is one event this year that we hope you will invite your friends to visit, it’s this one! This evangelistic series will hope to bless skeptics and seekers alike by strengthening our commitment to the Word of God. The meetings will be Feb. 9, 10, 11, 12, 15, 16, 17 at 7pm each night. To reserve seats and find more information look up the event website at www.bigquestionseminars.org/greeneville See you there!Screenshot (64)

Our Wednesday prayer meetings continue to bless us as we review a 12 step journey to wholeness. Join us this Wednesday at 5:30pm for food and fellowship followed by prayer and a study of step #4.

Having GAA Band and our Pathfinder club visit us the past two Sabbaths has been great. We are so proud of our young people and encouraged by seeing them use their talents in music, drama, and the spoken Word for God!

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Our Cardboard Boat Race was awesome!!!

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Here is a dedicated group that showed up at 9am on Sunday morning to move our grand piano. Riverview happily donated our grand piano to Greeneville Adventist Academy. We hope it blesses their music program!
I wish you could have seen the energy in this back row singing the closing hymn. 
Had a chance to visit these two. Notice the creative sign!
Ansel’s birthday party was fun for all!
I love my wife! Baby boy due in May.


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