December 15-28

screenshot-60.pngMessage: Luke 3:1-18 paints a stunning picture of what it is like to prepare the way of the Lord. One poor man in the wilderness up against the mighty, the powerful, and the religious elite. But when you are proclaiming the Word of God, you can stand against any opposition and free your hearers from any oppressor. Join us this Sabbath as we conclude our theme for the month, “Prepare the way of the Lord.”

Things Happening: A big thank you to everyone who participated in our church Christmas program on Sabbath. What a blessing!IMG_1452

Friends step in for each other, even at the last minute!

Can you name everyone in this photograph?20171217_180909

Youth night was fun!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Christmas is best through the eyes of a child!20171223_14183420171224_15242520171225_162211

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