December 8

Prepare-The-Way-Of-Lord-Advent-SundayMessage: What does it mean to prepare the way of the Lord? Last week we looked at Isaiah 40 and found that it means to use our voices in proclaiming the grace of God. This week, we’ll learn a new answer to that question based on Luke 1. It’s a great time of year to join us down by the riverside. See you this Sabbath at 11am.

Things Happening: With thanksgiving programs, constituency meetings, and other happenings it has been a busy time at our school. Two highlights for me have been giving morning worship for the school with my family and hearing our band play (which they also did in the parade!)Resized_20171113_08351220171121_114426I also had a chance to visit our kids in the pathfinder club!20171107_181759 Mops has moving forward. Please continue to invite any mom you know with small children who might benefit from social support.

Went for a family bike ride to Shanda Brown‘s house! (It was bright and cold!)20171113_125214_HDR

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