November 11-16

mirror.jpgMessage: Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror? I’ll bet you have. In fact, I bet you do it regularly. We tend to analyze ourselves a lot, and not just physically. Sometimes we can be rough on ourselves and we have low self-esteem. Other times we can esteem ourselves too highly. But what if the secret to joy and happiness isn’t thinking more of ourselves or less of ourselves but simply thinking about ourselves less. Join us this Saturday morning at 11am as we continue our series on the self with the title, Self:Forgetfulness.

Things Happening: If you missed our Fall Festival party at the Roth Ranch you missed one humdinger of a time! A big thank you to Art  & Diana Roth, Trish Boyce, and Chris Small for putting together such a fabulous gathering. I know our family created more than a few memories we will cherish for a long time!

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Also this week I had a chance to visit Greeneville Adventist Academy and was blessed to see one of our very own win the sword drill and demonstrate her great reading ability in reading to the student body. 20171113_082709_1510579649476Also, speaking of Greeneville Adventist Academy, it was a blessing to have the cherub & junior choirs join us on Sabbath!20171111_111702Sabbath afternoon we were part of an impromptu gathering at the Svendson home. My props to the cook who created so much good food, out of nowhere, almost instantaneously.

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Personal: Anna and I enjoyed a date night out wearing clothes we got from goodwill!20171111_191713We also got a chance to bike from our house all the way to Nita Dornburg’s home.

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