September 8-14

tipping pointMessage: There comes a point in any movement of reform at which it becomes necessary to break with the status quo and tradition of the past. A tipping point, if you will. Jesus Himself said, “I did not come to bring peace but a sword.” Matthew 10:34 Join us this Sabbath as we continue our series with a sermon titled, Reformation Reborn: The Tipping Point.

Prayer: I was richly blessed by the Men’s Prayer Breakfast this past Sunday. Join us for the next one scheduled for the second Sunday morning of every month. Prayer meeting was also a huge blessing this week. Thank you Ric!20170913_183217

Things Happening: There was a lot happening this week. It was a great blessing for several of us to participate at Week of Prayer with our school.

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The Prophecy meetings at Greeneville were also a blessing that many of us enjoyed as well. I’m so proud of our kids for being involved in Evangelism!

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Personal: She’s a personality!20170907_181915

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