August 18-24

Screenshot (16).pngMessage: On October 31st, 1517 Martin Luther nailed the 95 theses to the door of the Wittenberg Church. Thus began the Protestant Reformation. This year on October 31st we will celebrate 500 years of Reformation. But the process of Reformation is ever ongoing. This Sabbath we will begin a sermon series exploring the meaning of the Reformation for today. Join us this Sabbath as we answer the question, “Why Reformation?”

Prayer: I am praying for a heart to serve others more deeply in love.

I spent a lot of my week down in Calhoun, GA this week for Young in Ministry Meetings. One highlight was an extraordinary presentation by Pastor Cherie Smith on how to minister to people suffering loss. The reality is that loss is difficult for all of us.

The video below that she showed gives you a taste of how simple but meaningful expressions of love can go a long way. I am so thankful for the loving congregation we have here at Riverview!

On that note, I am thankful for these gracious ladies who took time out of their Sunday to support Patti Cohen & family settle back home after their trip.

Diane Vance, Esther Sias, Ginger Small, & Dollie Montgomery

Things Happening: That playground is looking pretty good. We’re almost finished with it!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Katia loved having a visit with Ward & Julia Swarner.

Personal: Did you check out that eclipse? What an awesome experience of God’s power! I also enjoyed a special bike ride this past weekend.

My wife loves sunflowers!


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