June 22-29

S0xHQORMessage: Like every year, on the 4th of July we celebrate liberty and freedom. And perhaps no American monument is more iconic in its’ stand for freedom than the Statue of Liberty. Join us this Sabbath for a special service at 11am as we celebrate the unique freedoms of this country and the supreme freedom we enjoy as citizens of the kingdom of God! The sermon’s title – “The Cross as Our Statue of Liberty!”

Prayer: It has been great seeing so many families at prayer meeting. (Having a soccer match afterward doesn’t hurt!) Also, it was special to be able to pray a prayer of dedication for Patty McClure and her new property!

Things Happening: I spent this past Tuesday night at a board meeting for Greeneville Adventist Academy. If you have a young person in your family who wants to attend GAA, we want them to be there! If cost is an issue, we can help! Also, if you have friends or neighbors who might be interested please invite them to consider GAA for this next school year. We continue to pray for our school and its future. We will have a special Teacher Dedication Service on July 29th.  18556221_1385543924869296_217841415665345537_n

The Parking Lot Kickoff was an absolute success and lots of fun!

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We had a great group come out to ride the Virginia Creeper Trail.

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