June 9-16

Screenshot (276)Message: I once covered the entire book of Galatians in one sermon. Do you think I can do the same with the book of James? Join us this Sabbath at 11am to find out. We will also celebrate some special events including a parking lot dedication and a wedding! We’ll have a fellowship meal immediately following the service.

Prayer: Praying for safe summer travels, comfort for the sick, wisdom for those in the valley of decisions, and most of all a living experience with Jesus.

Things Happening:  Church service was an absolute delight this past Sabbath with beautiful flowers from new church members Brad and Carol Phillips, song service by our young people, and special music by a great men’s trio!

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a free Sabbath with no potluck and it was great to see so many of our community taking the chance to spend lunch together in each other’s homes. Here are two lunch scenes I was part of:


everyone else
What a good looking group at Brooke and Pat Sadler‘s place! John Duroe, Norman and Diane Vance, Clarence and Ginger Small, Curtis and Dollie Montgomery, Joyce Penrod, Brad and Carol Phillips.
Esther and Bill Sias hosted a good group too! (This is only part of it) 
There was an enthusiastic group at church with summer colors!
Nothing like some summer fun riding a golf cart!

Personal: The favorite highlight of my week was picking blueberries with my sweetheart!20170613_163222

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