April 20-28

walk-with-jesus-01Message: Join us this Sabbath at 11am as Lyndon Gallimore shares a message entitled, “Joy in the Journey.” I was profoundly moved by a quote this week, here it is, “To tell tempted souls of their guilt in no way inspires them with a determination to do better…. Hold up before them the possibilities that are theirs. Point them to the heights to which they may attain. Help them to take hold upon the mercy of the Lord, to trust in His forgiving power. Jesus is waiting to clasp them by the hand, waiting to give them power to live a noble, virtuous life.” Christ Triumphant, (Ellen G. White) p.89

Prayer: We started an all new prayer meeting format this past Wednesday surrounding the topic of the ABC’s of prayer. I hope that you will join us every Wednesday at 6pm for this special time of fellowship and prayer!

Things Happening:

Tuesday was a man’s night out! Thank you Clause Svendson for organizing the group. We had a good meal followed up with watching the movie Case for Christ. An excellent film worth seeing!
Had a great time at Bible study with the Collective!

Raceway ministries was at Bristol in force this past weekend. Too bad about the rain! Please pray for Jerry Cohen and for divine healing!

Super proud of Elias Santos and his Bible bowl team taking first place! Congratulations! Looking forward to a Riverview Bible Bowl Team next year!

Our kids playground gets fairly good use from week to week!

Personal: This, finally happened!!!


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