March 16-23

1102013260_univ_cnt_4_lgMessage: Have you ever been angry with God? You’re not alone! Even God’s chosen prophets struggled with feeling angry toward God.  Join us this Sabbath as we consider the end of Jonah’s story and God’s Relentless Grace.

Things Happening: 

I had a great two days at Cohutta Springs finishing up the first stage of my life coach training. A BIG thank you to the conference for this opportunity.
No surprise, but Katia loves electronics. She goes after whatever she sees, even when it’s the smartwatch of the conference president Ed Wright! Had a great time sharing a meal with a great man of God and amazing leader.
A BIG thank you to Christian Santos and family for blessing us with such wonderful music this past Sabbath. Check out a clip below!
This has been a great Sabbath School lesson on the Holy Spirit! Teach away Nelson Thomas!
Enjoyed sharing a devotional with volunteers at the Community Services Center. What a dedicated group! I praise God for this ministry. Great to see our very own Janet Robinson!
netn pastors
Enjoyed our Northeast Tennessee Pastors meeting! The new stewardship/trust services director Ray Hartwell joined us and shared some exciting proposed updates. We also planned for our NE TN Camp Meeting coming on September 22-23.


A big thank you to Gordon & Lyn Marsa for a great time having lunch at their home and taking a walk around the woods!

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