March 2-9

jonah-get-off-my-boatMessage: Have you ever had a near-death experience? If you have, you know that it changes you. Join us this Saturday, March 11th at 11am and discover how Jonah’s near-death experience changed his perspective in part two of our sermon series, Jonah: God’s Relentless Grace.

Prayer: What a gift and privilege we have in the opportunity to pray. I was speaking with our prayer ministry leader Diane Vance yesterday and she shared a powerful testimony of how God has been good to her through prevailing prayer. We both left the conversation thinking that we simply don’t realize the power God has placed at our fingertips through prayer! 17021391_10212448847407194_5792537554653373143_n

Things Happening:Did you know that our church board recently partnered with local area churches, the Community Services Center, and Second Harvest to bring food to elderly shut-ins? Thank you Brooke Sadler for your vision and leadership in making this happen!

Proud of these volunteers! Angela, Michael, and Huan
Don’t you love teamwork! I saw a magnificent piece of it in the foyer the other day. Interesting way to use the vacuum don’t you think? Nice work Ric Tryon and Anna Vyhmeister.
This was part of our soccer team for those who made it out on Saturday night for our friendly with Greeneville. I can promise you they played even better than they look! Great job Adam, Kaleigh, Jayden, Elias, Erika, Izak, and Caleb! Tom and Rolando too!

Personal: A favorite pastime in our family has been racquetball. Anna and I used to play on dates at Southern and continued that practice while we were at Andrews. But having a baby changes things! Before this week it had been over a year since we played. In any case, all it took was an invitation from Jay Grose to get us back into it. Thank you Jay!20170306_194519

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