December 29-January 5

2016.pngMessage: Have you ever felt like you didn’t have enough? Have you ever felt like you aren’t enough? Join us this Sabbath as we welcome in the New Year by reminding ourselves that with Jesus we already have all that we need. The sermon will be based on Psalm 23 entitled “More than Enough.”

Prayer: We have so many reasons to pray and so many people in need of intercessory prayer as we start the new year. I think especially of Tom Culler, Bill Sias, Brandon Lowery, Derrick Hoskins, Patty Mcclure, & Vina Ball. Most of all, I am thankful, that we have a God who supplies all our needs.picture1

Things Happening: What a special time we had with our church agape feast! The deaconesses did a tremendous work decorating. We welcomed the new year with prayer, testimonies, footwashing, bread, wine, and worship!

New Years’ Eve brought new delight at the home of Norman & Diane Vance.
Sabbath School in the shape of a cross!
The Primary class brought in the new year right!
A bit behind on this picture but it was a joy to welcome these two new family members into the faith!

Personal: It was an early bed time this new years eve, but it could not have been more special!20161231_194426

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