December 15-29

Screenshot (261).png

Message: Have you ever found out that someone was using you? Maybe they only appreciated you for something you were doing for them and not because of who you are. If you’ve ever been used by someone you know that it doesn’t feel good. But do we “use” God? Psalm 110 shares that God’s people don’t use Him, they genuinely love Him for who He is and they serve Him without expectation. Is your love for Christ that deep? Join us at Riverview this Sabbath as we explore together how we might love and serve Him better in the new year!

Prayer: A special thank you to all who came out for our church “business” meeting. What a special time it was as we spent 45 minutes together in prayer. If you were there then you know that we intend to make prayer a focus point for the new year. We want Riverview to be known as a house of prayer. It has been great to continue to see great attendance at our prayer meeting even through the holiday season!15621680_10209973058975342_4221952311082612115_n

Things Happening: Want to bring the new year in right? Don’t miss our AGAPE FEAST this Friday night at 6:30pm in the fellowship hall. There will be light food, time for testimonies and prayer, footwashing, communion, and more! 20161228_195425.jpg

As you can see the deaconesses have done a nice job preparing!

Check out the slideshow below of our Christmas party. It was a blast! A big thank you to John Duroe and his team for putting it together.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Personal:So much to be grateful for here. We had a great Christmas with Anna’s family. The first time in 10 years they all got together. Very special. Also, God protected Anna in a minor car accident that could have been a lot worse. Our baby is sleeping better. God is so good!!!

Two proud mothers showing off the newest members of the family!

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