August 6-12

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Message:  Have you ever had a moment when you knew your life would never be the same again? Have you ever had a moment when all your preconceived ideas of life were instantly shattered? Have you ever had a moment when God unmistakably reached into your life? This Sabbath at Riverview Community we begin a new sermon series entitled, “When God Calls Your Name…twice.” This Sabbath we will hear the name, “Saul, Saul.”

ab28064a-5f7b-49ad-88c6-48f1062af598.jpgPrayer: Here at Riverview we believe in the power of prayer! We invite your prayers for Della Brendle as she waits on the Lord to renew her strength while she is in the hospital. We also invite continued prayers for Jeri Arbuckle. Jeri is fighting a battle with cancer and her daughter Joanna shares this testimony, “Four weeks ago, Jeri was in real desperate pain. I came forward during the garden of prayer time at Riverview Community and I laid that burden down before the Lord. By Monday, Jeri’s pain was gone and hasn’t been back since!” Praise the Lord! We also rejoice with Patti Cohen who had a similar experience recently as God removed her migraines. God is good!

People: Have you met these people? If you attend Riverview, chances are that you have!

Bonnie and Matt Cutts often work behind the scenes doing whatever needs to be done. This week that took the form of watering plants to keep them alive through a hot week!
Adam Mitchell has been working diligently each and every Sabbath to improve our live video feed. We are thankful for His ministry leading our audio/visual team!
Ric Tryon is no stranger to Riverview. He blesses us regularly with his gift of music and he certainly knows how to make people feel welcome!

Things Happening:  Did you know that Riverview has launched a new Sabbath School? Here is a picture of some of the people that joined us for Youth Sabbath School (6th grade and up) this past Sabbath:

This is a great group of young people! My mind explodes just thinking about their amazing potential for God going forward. An army of youth…
It was great having these guys come down for a visit! Several are off to Fletcher for the school year and one is off to college! Glad they could be at Riverview to worship this past Sabbath.

20160805_193758_HDRWe enjoyed a wonderful Friday evening with the Svendson family!

Greeneville Adventist Academy started this past week. It was great seeing a number of kids at the work bee on Sunday:

Personal: I received an acceptance e-mail this week from the conference to begin training as a life coach. My prayer is that this will better equip me to serve Riverview and its membership in discovering how God has gifted them and where He is leading them. So, I guess I need to wear this name tag now:


This was a special week for my family as my grandparents came all the way from California to visit! They are happy and excited to be great-grandparents!



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